Technical State University of Mari-El




The Botanical Garden was founded in 1939 as the studying place of the Faculty of Forest Economy. In 1989, it was called "Dendrological Garden". On the 4th of October 1989, its name was changed to "Botanical Garden".

The Botanical Garden is situated in the South-Eastern part of the town of Yoshkar-Ola.
The geographical coordinates are : 56° 37' North, 47° 46' East.
The surface of the Garden is 72,7 hectares.

According to the classification of the forest flora by S.F. Kournaeva (1973), the area of the Garden belongs to the forest zone, sub-zone of the mixed forest with oaks.

The altitude above sea level is 100 meters.
The climat is temperate-continental.
The average yearly temperature of the air is +2,8°C.
The total of the precipitations is 450-500 mm.
The average length of the vegetative period is 170 days.
The period without frost is 120 days.
The minimal temperature of the air is -50°C, maximal is +38°C.
The latest frosts : 11th of June, the earliest : 15th of August.

The soil is grassic, in general sandy (podzol), middle clayer on a clay base.

The Botanical Garden fulfils the following functions : teaching, scientific, educative and productive.

The main aims are the creation, the maintenance, the preservation and the protection of a collection of indigenous plants outdoors as well as a collection of foreign species indoors.

The collection of the Botanical Garden includes more than 4'000 taxons, inclusive 1'200 in the greenhouse.